24, 2021

Understanding Whiplash from Car Accidents

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A Closer Look at Whiplash from Car Accidents
Whiplash is one of the most common forms of neck injuries that is the result of an accident. For that reason, we see plenty of patients here at Russo Chiropractic who are in pain because they suffered whiplash from car accidents recently. However, despite how often this happens, that doesn’t mean that whiplash is necessarily well-understood.
One thing our practice has become known for is making sure our patients are informed by utilizing a 3-D Virtual Consultation together with a Digital X-Ray unit to allow them to virtually see every aspect as to how a car accident leads to neck and back pain. With that in mind, then, we’d like to discuss whiplash in a bit more depth.

Your Neck’s Flexibility:
As you probably already know, your neck is a fairly flexible part of your body. It’s definitely the most flexible section of your spine. This agility allows your head to move in practically any direction.
However, this flexibility can also work against you. It’s this flexibility that makes your neck so vulnerable to injuries like whiplash.

How Whiplash Injures Your Body:
Although the neck is plenty flexible, it has a breaking point. Simply put, your neck was not designed to sustain the kind of trauma that usually accompanies a whiplash injury. This refers both to the violent impact involved as well as the abnormal motion that the neck can go through.
During normal motion, the neck is able to move without issue because of the facet joint. This is central to movement of the cervical spine. As part of the neck vertebrae, the facet joint allows the bones involved to smoothly glide over one another.

Obviously, a whiplash disturbs this method of operation. Typically, vertebrae take equal part in the moving of your neck. When something like whiplash occurs, the neck is forced to move so quickly, that it can’t be consciously controlled. The violent, irregular movement, therefore, cannot be controlled.
When it comes to a car accident, the whiplash usually begins with the spine being forcibly straightened, which puts a great deal of pressure on the joints of your neck. Making matters worse is that when your neck reacts, even greater amounts of pressure will be hoisted upon just one or two joints.

Vehicular Damage Is Irrelevant
This is why the damage done to vehicles involved in whiplash is largely irrelevant. The scenario we just described could be the result of a collision that happened at less than five miles per hour. Obviously, that wouldn’t do much to hurt your vehicle. It would, however, do plenty to cause pain in your neck. Many times, the less damage to ones car, the more damage to ones body.
Hopefully, the above has helped you gain a brief but better understanding of whiplash from car accidents. If nothing else, just remember that it is a very serious injury and the person involved should atleast have an examination performed regardless of vehicular damage. The good news is that at Russo Chiropractic, Dr. Rusty Russo holds over 500 post-graduate credentialed hours in dealing with pain from car accidents. At Russo Chiropractic, we can help get you back to pain-free living.

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