If you’re a busy person like I am I’m sure you can’t stand taking time out of your day to be on time for an appointment only to be left waiting in the lobby for sometimes an hour or more.  Not only is Dr. Rusty efficient at easing my pain and making sleeping easier but he and his staff are very efficient and timely in seeing you and letting you get on with your day.  I literally got in and out of my appointment in less than 25 minutes with time on the treatment table as well as an adjustment.  This is great relief and service that I highly recommend.

– Lee M. New Orleans, LA

The friendly staff welcomes patients with, accommodating scheduling, courteous attention, and happy smiles.  The offices are comfortable, clean, and maintained with “State of the Art” equipment.

Dr. Russo is outstanding.  His commitment to my care is without question. Everything about my treatment and pain management is just a little more above and beyond exceptional.  This clinic and staff have my highest recommendation without any reservation.  It would be my sincere hope that you would never have to use Dr. Russo’s medical talents.  If you were to find yourself in need of maintenance or repair, then help is here and relief is on the way.

Pain, pain go away.
Come again…well, don’t come back.
Silly pain.

Thank you for your time and attention.

– Andre S. New Orleans, LA

I have never been treated by a Chiropractor until having been in an automobile  accident in July, 2012. When I had my first visit here, I was in total pain. Dr.Russo explained to me all about the treatment. I was seeing him three times a week, and each time I felt better. The electrical muscle stimulation treatments and the ice therapy was great. Dr. Russo introduced me to various exercise equipment and machines which helped me with the strengthening of my back and neck. As my therapy began in July of 2012 after the automobile accident, I could truly feel the difference of my neck and back going from it’s weakest to it’s strongest. In the beginning, I started out seeing him 3 times a week and throughout the year after feeling stronger and getting better each time, my visits to his office became weekly. The more I came into the office for my visits, I’d continue to get stronger. After completion of my therapy Dr. Russo made certain that he gave me a numerous amount of stretching exercises too do, which really helped me a lot. After I grew stronger and my therapy was complete Dr. Russo continued to follow up with me to make certain I was still taking care of myself.   Russo is an excellent Chiropractor that among auto injuries, he also specializes in many other Non surgical Corrective and Rehabilitation care such as: Sports injuries, lower/upper back pain, neck pain, headaches, etc. Dr. Russo did such a wonderful job of taking care of me that I made certain that I referred him to many other’s because of how great he treated me, hoe friendly he was and most importantly his professionalism. I am a Community healthcare advisor and I am involved in multiple activities and events throughout our Metro Area and after being treated by such a great doctor, we welcomed him with open arms throughout our community and made certain that we included Dr. Russo and Russo Chiropractic has since then has participated and taken part in many health fairs in our community, the American Cancer Society, Breast Cancer Awareness Making Strides against Breast Cancer Walk, etc.  I will always continue to refer many others to get treated at Russo Chiropractic, for they are truly number one when it comes to promoting good wonderful treatment and good health. Thank you so much Dr. Russo for doing such an awesome job.

– Valencia L. Kenner, LA

I pulled a muscle on my neck last Saturday while working out and on Monday, I was suffering of the pain and I was just miserable.  So, I decided to go to Russo Chiropractic and he was very concerned with my injury and immediately performed some X-rays to see that my neck was severely inflamed and my spine was crooked.  He immediately performed treatment on my back and neck and today I feel a lot better than when I first got injured.

Dr. Rusty is very knowledgeable and has the required equipment to find the root of any problems or pain.  If you are experiencing pain in your body, don’t wait any longer and visit Russo Chiropractic.  You won’t be disappointed.

It feels great to be greeted with smiles and at the same time showing concern for the patients and this is what the staff delivers each and every time I visit Russo Chiropractic.  The staff delivers nothing else than World Class Service!

Thank you so much Dr. Rusty for treating my pain and helping me feel better.  It is hard to find such great chiropractors like you.

– Daffne R. Metairie, LA

Dr. Rusty thoroughly researched my pain issues before setting the proper treatment needed to get me right.  That extra time spent made me feel I was in good hands throughout the treatments.

For confidence and results in relieving your pain without Rxs; – Do yourself a favor and see Dr. Rusty!

Dr. Rusty Russo is excellent!!

– Wade P. Marrero, LA

Dr. Rusty and his staff are the best. Don’t suffer any more than you have to.

– Gary V.

If you are suffering from back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, foot pain, any type of pain then Dr. Rusty is to guy you want to see.  He offers pain relief without the meds and the results are amazing.  I didn’t know I could feel that good!! Don’t suffer, check out Russo Chiropractic!!!

– Barbara B. Westwego, LA


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