Headache Relief in Metairie, LA

headChiropractic care is an excellent treatment for tension headaches, cervicogenic headaches and migraine headaches. Not sure of what kind you have? Don’t worry, we will help you find the cause of the pain and to help you correct the cause. Chiropractic care reduces muscle tension. Chiropractic care normalized serotonin levels in the blood vessels and in the brain stem. And, Chiropractic care flushes away irritating inflammatory exudates within the joints of the upper neck (that may be causing pain.)

For migraine sufferers, there are several studies that show that chiropractic care is at least as effective as commonly prescribed drugs for prevention and treatment of migraines. Researchers have shown that people under chiropractic care will have fewer episodes of migraines, they will experience the pain for less time, and the episodes will be shorter. If you suffer from migraines, I know that improvement of your quality of life is a very valuable thing.

It’s not just a biomechanical problem, or just a neurological problem, of course. There are many factors involved with suffering from headaches, including diet, rest, and metabolic conditions. We work with you to identify all of the factors that may be involved to identify them and reduce their effect.

Headache treatment for lasting relief usually requires a treatment plan that will last about a month. During this month we work with you on a regular basis to give you regular treatment to restore normal neck biomechanics and to keep watch on your levels of pain, neurological signs and disability. We work with you to watch your progress improve steadily through the month.

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