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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that nearly 40,000 people die in car accidents each year in the United States. Well over 2 million are injured annually. Many of these accidents are caused or exacerbated by drivers who are text-messaging or visibly manipulating handheld devices, a practice that has, unfortunately, been increasing dramatically in recent years.

Many car accident injuries are serious and result in permanent injuries. However, even relatively mild injuries can affect your everyday activities, diminishing your quality of life.

The human body is a well-designed collection of bones, joints, nerves, discs, ligaments, muscles, tendons, fascia and connective tissues that function together as one. The brain controls and coordinates all functions within the body by sending nerve impulse signals from the brain down the spinal cord into the nerves that exit the spine and branch out into the rest of the body.

Our bodies are able to continue to function under many different conditions, but they were not designed to accelerate and decelerate as rapidly, forcefully and violently as happens in a motor vehicle crash. Auto accidents may cause injuries to the head, neck, back and extremities, and because of the interconnectedness of different parts of the body, injuries to one area often lead to symptoms such as pain, muscle spasms, numbness and tingling sensations in other regions of the body.

Frequently, injuries from motor vehicle accidents require months of treatment and still lead to permanent disabilities. It is crucial to be evaluated by a qualified physician immediately after a motor vehicle accident to determine the extent of your injuries so that proper examination, diagnostic testing, and necessary treatment can be initiated. Often, victims of car accidents fail to be evaluated in a timely fashion or end up being referred to or examined by physicians who are not trained in biomechanical musculoskeletal injuries and the damaging effects car accident injuries can have on the human body.

These injuries and the resulting pain affect not only those who have been injured but their family members, friends, and co-workers, who must accommodate the limitations imposed by car accident injuries.

Russo Chiropractic will help you recover!

Russo Chiropractic is a multispecialty injury, pain treatment, and rehabilitation facility. Dr. Russo is an expert at diagnosing and treating car accident victims and has received a certification from the Personal Injury Institute validating his understanding of car accident dynamics, documentation practices, and passed 18 tests covering every aspect of ensuring your symptoms and injuries plus your car accident case will receive the best case outcome.

Everyone on our staff recognizes that the spine is the foundation of the body. Constructed of many bones that form numerous joints surrounded by sensitive nerves, discs, ligaments, joint capsules, muscles, tendons, fascia and connective tissue, the spine houses the spinal cord and spinal nerves that control and coordinate all bodily functions. Frequently, the sudden and extreme forces associated with automobile accidents cause bones in the spine to shift or move out of their normal anatomical positions or alignment.

When this happens, these bones may irritate nerves, surrounding muscles, and other sensitive connective tissue, causing inflammation and pain.

There are multiple different physicians with differing specialties that work with Dr. Russo in his medical group and are highly trained and are all board certified specialists in detecting spine and joint injuries and the origin of painful conditions. Whether your injuries require an examination, a second opinion, injections, gentle chiropractic care, spine and joint manipulations, soft tissue or connective tissue release, acupuncture or cold laser therapy treatments, our physicians are ready and able to treat you with our most effective treatments for injuries and pain.

Get relief from your accident today at Russo Chiropractic

We understand the impact car accidents have not only on the people injured but on their family members, friends and co-workers, as well. Our staff always considers the magnitude of these injuries and allows the time required to treat your injuries carefully and effectively. Whenever possible, we will offer you a same-day appointment and a complimentary spinal screening with one our doctors. The purpose of the screening is to provide an opportunity to discuss your accident history and injury concerns with the doctor to determine if the injury you sustained requires further medical attention or intervention. Call us today or complete the contact form to schedule a no-obligation spinal screening and up to two digital x-rays of the primary painful region. The doctor will determine if x-rays are medically necessary.

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Dr. Russo and his team are qualified to help you get the best quality treatment from your car accident.

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