Ankle and Foot Biomechanics

Ankle and Foot biomechanical problems can be corrected with chiropractic extremity manipulation.

humanFoot-ankelFoot and ankle adjustments help with foot posture and balance. Researchers looked at hockey player’s sprained ankles and looked at the way the foot works through balance measurements and through posture-pressure measuring equipment. They found that after manipulating and mobilizing the foot and ankle, there was an improvement of the weight distribution of the foot and ankle. Others have found that adjusting ankles that have chronic sprains and strains will give the patient’s ankle more range of motion, less pain, and better ankle function.

In our experience, ankle adjustments work very well for athletes and workers who are on their feet a lot. Athletes notice that they have a smoother gait after an adjustment, and an immediate improvement in function.

Improving the posture, motion, and the function of the foot and ankle is also very important for low back pain management. When you stand, walk, or run, forces are transferred from the foot to the knee and to the low back. If the way you walk, or your “gait” is off, this can upset the symmetry of forces going to your low back. adjusting the foot, ankle and knee balances out the way you walk, and help support the care you are receiving for your low back.

Dr. Rusty Russo is a top Chiropractor specializing in Ankle and Foot Biomechanics in Metairie, LA

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