24, 2021

5 Things You MUST DO after a sprained ankle

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Sports injuries unfortunately are sometimes part of the game concerning playing soccer whether on a professional level or from a “weekend warrior” aspect. Injuries happen, pure and simple. Following the CORRECT treatment protocol will determine how quickly ones healing will occur so that they may get back on the field and resume their passion. Rest can help, but by itself can take a VERY long time to heal and this is where chiropractic and physical therapeutic forms of treatment come into play!

At Russo Chiropractic Clinic, after x-rays are taken in-house and fractures are ruled out, delicate joint mobilizations performed by Dr. Russo help to guide the small foot bones back into their normal positions so that they may heal properly. Without these mobilizations, the bones heal in an irregular fashion making the injured person prone to ankle sprains over and over again. Soft tissue physical therapeutic forms of treatment such as ice, muscle stimulation and ultrasound are also employed in-house to help decrease the pain and inflammation as well as to also speed the healing process so that scar tissue formation is kept to a minimum. Scar tissue is much weaker than normal tendon tissue and rapidly forms in the healing process if therapeutic approaches are not taken rapidly after injury to minimize this. For more information on this topic, feel free to give us a call at 504-289-6981 or visit our website at www.RussoChiropractic.com and take advantage of our free consultation ($125 value) we are offering.

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